Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wedding Weekend in Blairsville

Last weekend we went to Blairsville for a wedding. My parents rented a cabin for the weekend, it was the perfect time for a wedding/cabin weekend, all the leaves were changing! Here are some pics from where we stayed.
The mom and pops
and again...
Me and my Momma
The hubs and I.
And zi's first picture at the pumkin patch... (we usually do not dress up this much for the pumpkin patch but that was where the wedding was :)
Hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon!


A-town said...

oh my gosh that last one made me pee my pants!

Katie H said...

"Zi's first picture at the punkin patch" I just giggled out loud! That is hilarious :)

Katie H said...

Oh, also, it melts my heart that you already have a nickname for your babe :) so sweet


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