Monday, October 31, 2011

$5 crib pendant tutorial

While searching the web i came across this picture of this adorable nursery. I loved the yarn pendant.
So i decided to make my own version. I couldn't find a tutorial so i just guessed and here is what i came up with.
You will need:
Foam balls-i got mine at Joanns they were $5 for 12. i had a half off coupon so i got 24 for $5
Yarn-i used a total of 15 balls and 5 colors of yarn
Hot glue gun
Very large crochet needle
hemp- you can use any string you want but i already had hemp and it ended up working perfect cause it was thick enough to hold the yarn balls in place.
Wrap the yarn around the foam pieces until you can't see anymore white foam.
do this with each ball
this is that large needle i was talking about, it's HUGE
string the hemp through the needle but you don't need to knot it you can just pull it through about an inch and it shouldn't move at least mine didn't cause the hemp was so thick. (i used the medium size hemp)
I lined them up and decided what order i wanted the colors in.
Then i pulled the (hemp strung) needle through each ball. 
Cut your hemp, leave a bit extra so you can tie it to whatever you are hanging it on. 
Simple as that!
I hope that tutorial made sense, if it didn't blame it on the pregnancy and just ask me questions :)


L.Caroline said...

SO cute!! I saw a Christmas tree made out of the yarn balls today and thought it was so cute.... But also envisioned having to use a WHOLE yarn ball each time (umm, idiot!). This makes so much more sense, haha!

A-town said...

cute cute cute

Laura said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

I love this garland! Such a cute idea and you did such a great job!


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