Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Weekend

This was one of the best weekend the hubs and i have had in a while, what a great way to start a new year! I mean we have had some great times with family and friends recently but this weekend was the first weekend in i can't remember how long where we had the whole weekend to ourselves and were able to do things we enjoyed and get some stuff done around the house, wait maybe those are the same thing. anyway here is how it went down... the weekend started when i got off work on thursday at 1pm, saweet! i did some clothes shopping and found a lot of stuff and only spend $25 thanks to coupons and gift cards! Friday the hubs had to work in Nashville so i cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more, not like get down and scrub anything, but i cleaned out cabinets and drawers and purged. It. felt. amazing. Friday night we ate some pot roast i cooked up.  Carrots, onions, and potatoes cooking in some yummy, fall of the bone meat.  
Saturday i got up and early and headed to Goodwill for half off day. My favorite day of the month. I found a few things and made my way to the counter. As i'm giving the cashier my wonderful purchases i say "is today half off day" i mean i knew it was, but there did not seem to be enough people in the store for half off day. He said "No that's next saturday." WHAAAAAAAAAT! is what i wanted to say. but instead i said, "Man i wish i had known before i found all this fabulous stuff."  To which he replied, "well, i'll give it to you half off anyway, and then you can come back next saturday and get more stuff."  How awesome is that! So here is what i got. For $5! i love landscapes and the green and yellow tones in this one were beautiful!
If you look on the top right of the frame some of the gold is coming off so i spent hours peeling all the gold off so i could sand and repaint it. It was the bronze color we used on our hinges (on our doors) that didn't turn out too great so i painted it Krylon's Caramel Latte. 
This is just the before picture. I haven't decided where to put it yet. 

So i came home and started working on some projects. I finished my desk! Here is the before and after.

It will look a lot better once that purple wall is gone. 
I also finished my coffee table. I am always buying up the oops paint from home depot and lows. This brown was $2.50 a while back. I knew it would come in handy. I couldn't decide on a color so i went with brown to match our couches and bench under the window. 

I forgot to take a picture with our rug in the living room, i'll do that later. 
It was so nice to get those done. It was a long process of sanding, priming painting and staining so i'll blog about that later.
So saturday was just a long day of projects, movies, and the hubs made some delicious chimichanga's. They were so good we ate them again on Sunday :) Sunday we spent the day at church, climbing and doing a little change up in the kitchen...
I have been loving the open cabinet look lately so we took the doors off some of the cabinets in our kitchen. I love it. It makes it feel so much more open. I know people always say "but then you'll have to keep your cabinets clean." Well i kinda like "having" to keep them clean and it's only our dishes and cookbooks so it shouldn't be that hard. We'll see :)
Here is the before and after.

I love changing things around my house, if you've followed my blog for any amount of time you have probably figured that out already.  
Well after this long weekend i'm gonna get ready to start another work week. I'll do a more detailed post about the furniture later. 

P.S. Let me know what you think about the open cabinets. Yay or Ney??


Simonetta said...

Hi Alaina, I have only just found your blog (can you believe I'm so behind?) but i wanted to tell you that it (and you) are amazing and so inspirational!!!
i LOVE the open cupboards- I already have a thing about open wardrobes- i like to see everything at once and i need the motivation to keep it tidy haha. If only we had high kitchen cupboards so i could have mine open too!
sim xox

L.Caroline said...

Yay for open cabinets. They look great! Maybe taking off a few of my doors would inspire neatness...

The desk and table look really good!

P.S. When I/we have a house and are furnishing it I am calling you for help! K? :)

A-town said...

#1: I thought that desk was the uggliest thing ever when I saw buff drop it off but it looks really cute.

B: I love the hubs playing video games in the picture. haha brings me back to d-town

and 4: the missing cabinets are super cute but if/when you decide to put them back on I think you are gonna be so sick of having to open the doors :)

Lindsay said...

Your desk looks great - I have to ask - did you paint it or spray paint it? I just bought a drafting table on CL for a crafting desk and want to spray paint the bottom (metal) part. Just curious how you prepped and did it since it looks so great!

The Burfitt's said...

bahaha-- i love how honest allison is :)

i love the desk green...i knew you were going to do something great with it!

i guess we should meet up and start planning a boys room soon :) you are going to help me, right?!?! ;) haha, jk-- love you!

Ashley said...

Love the open cabinets!

Laina said...

Simonetta-Thank you so much for you sweet words!! I haven't thought about open wardrobes that sounds so cute!

Lori-I would love to help you with your home but i know you won't need much help cause your place is always adorable!

Allison- 1. thanks for being honest. B. yes! dunmovin!

Lindsay- I will do a detailed post about how i did the desk and table but here is the short version. I sanded and primed it with zinsser cover stain primer, then i painted it, with a roller brush, once the green paint was dry i brushed some stain on it and wiped it right off so i gave it a deeper color and also sealed the paint so hopefully it won't chip too much. I did spray paint the bottom of a metal table. You can check out the tutorial here.
To paint metal i would just scrub it down with a wire brush, wipe off the excess and spray paint it.
Hope that helps!

Buff-thanks for picking the desk up i couldn't have done it with out you :) and off course i'm gonna help you!! we will have to meet for dinner soon and brainstorm some ideas!

Ashley-Thanks :)

Reenie said...

I just commented above (on the top post) and I had forgotten that you were going to re-paint that purple wall. I really like the purple wall with the color of the desk =) You sure you want to paint it?

Laina said...

yeah i think i'm gonna repaint it. I want something that is lighter and will go with everything. We'll see though, i change my mind so much who knows what i'll end up doing!

Young and Crafty said...

Fabulous transformations! LOVE that green on the desk!

Thanks for linking up to Free for All!

Hannah @


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