Monday, May 2, 2011

April Blog Feature

Hey guys this post is long overdue 1. because I introduced Cassie  from RE USE RE INVENT RE DESIGN to you back in February and 2. because we have been without power since last Wednesday. So this is still our April blog feature i just had to post it May because of circumstances out of my control. We were without power because of all the tornado's coming through the Southeast. We went out to do cleanup on Sunday to try and do what little help we could and it's just devastating. I will do a post on all of that later this week. 
So without further adieu let me introduce to you Cassie :)

1. Tell us a little about yourself. 

Born and raised in Utah. But have lived here in Sedona, AZ for 6 years. I am married and together we have 4 kids. My husband had 3 from a previous marriage, and I had one. I have always been interested in design. 
I have been rearranging  my room since I was 5. I always wanted to change things and make things pretty. Its kind of in my blood. My mom had a consignment store growing up and we always brought new things home, and changed stuff out. I also had my own consignment store called Traditions Consignment Co. in Utah. I had one employee, and only had furniture. It was small and my family probably kept me in business more than anyone, but it was so much fun! I loved it!! I had to close down to move down here to Sedona, AZ. :( I dont really likeArizona, its too hot and the thrift stores are something to be desired, but I have great friends here. I am a mountains kind of girl, not the desert. I hate snakes, scorpions, and all those crazy desert crawlers.

2.What inspired you to start your blog?
 I actually never know about "blogs" till I met my good friend Tara Finch,, she had a blog and so I wanted to do one too.

3.You have done so many amazing projects, do you have a favorite?
Favorite project: Well, I would have to say my coffee table is my favorite. I had always wanted to do something with pallets. They are so interesting and have a lot of character and rustic. I just had to figure something out.  It took a lot of convincing my husband, but I just KNEW it would turn out awesome, and it did. He loves it!

4.What is your inspiration?
 My inspiration is really from things I see. Magazines, blogs...everything really.

5.Where is your favorite place to shop for things for your home?
 My favorite places to find amazing things are for sure Thrift Stores, and garage sales. 

6.What advice would you give to beginner bloggers?
 Dont get discouraged. For so long I had like 10 followers, and it just kind of went from there. I am still a small blog but hopefully soon I will be able to expand with advertising and stuff like that. I would love to have my blog professionally designed, its my dream!
Also, dont feel like you have to blog all the time. I try to blog 1-2 a week. I try to keep my wording very simple, because frankly I dont read others that much...I just look at pictures. 
7.Do you blog full time or work full time, or a little bit of both?
I actually dont work a traditional job. I am a bible student who volunteers my time full-time which takes a lot of time and energy. I am very fortunate to have a husband who fully supports me in this and doesnt mind our family being a "one paycheck" family. Everything always works out. So I am just a part-time blogger. I probably spend more time looking than I do writing.

8.What do you do for fun?
We are huge outdoors people. We love biking, camping, boating in Lake Powell, and I recently I discovered (again) I love to ski. But basically anything in the mountains! 
I live in the wrong area :(

9.I have to aks you about your couch, i LOVE it! where did you find it?
My couch...this couch actually has a waiting list of people who want it. Its kind of crazy. This was the first purchase my husband and I made together when we were first married. I saw it a thrift store in Utah and called him right away. He came and looked at it, and was hesitant at the $500 price tag. So I asked the manager if her would take $175 and he did! SCORE!!! I have looked it over and cant find any names or signatures or anything. I think it is just a one of a kind piece that some guy made one day and his unappreciative wife didnt like it, so she made him get rid of it! (thats the story we came up with). I LOVE it!
10. What is the best/favorite steal you've found?
I always find purses for $5 or $6 bucks and check when I get home and they are $250-$300 bucks! But I found a clutch once at Savers, french, hand-beaded in perfect for $2.00. I came home looked it up and the price tag was $2,200!!! I was in shock! Who got rid of this??

Thank you so much Cassie for participating in our blog feature! and if y'all have't already go over to RE USE RE INVENT RE DESIGN and check her out!

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Object of Maya*ffection said...

I LOVE her coffee table but when I click on the link it says the blog doesn't exist...can you help me find Cassie!!


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