Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thrifting 10.8.10

Yesterday i went to the thrift store to get a desk i saw last Wednesday. It was $20 and would have been perfect as a bed side table in our guest room. I liked it so much that i went back and looked at it again on Thursday, But i didn't want to spend that much money on it... i know i'm so CHEAP... 
The way America's thrift store works is, each week certain color price tags rotate out being 30% 50% and 70% off. So i figured my blue price tagged desk would be on sale if i waited until Monday, cause you know, Good things come to those who wait. YEAH RIGHT
Well i went back today and it was GONE! Tears.. Anyway. I did find some other cool things :)
This lamp for $9.88
that looks very similar to the one in my inspiration post. I'm on my way to my little office area in my craft room...still need desk, cool chair and blanket :)
I also found this pink wall hanging thing,  i'm gonna paint it brown. Funny story, it didn't have a price tag so when i took it to the register i told the cashier that it didn't have a price tag and she put .99 cents in the register and said "now it does." SCORE!!  
I also found a green jar to add to my collection for .39 cents
Total with my 10% student discount=$11.07
What have you bargains have you found lately??

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