Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shutterfly = Amazing Christmas Cards!

So i want to share with you some amazing gifts you can get printed at Shutterfly. I have made a few photobooks on their website. It's so easy, so when i get really behind on my scrapbooking i make a photobook to get caught up. I've made one for our honeymoon, our trip out to Colorado and i'm working on one for our road trip to Utah. They are awesome!
They also have these cute playing cards you can make out of your favorite picture.  
You can also get canvas' printed of a picture YOU took instead of buying a picture of something that doesn't mean as much.
Or maybe a cool wall decal for you kids room?
They also have super cute Christmas gifts like, personalized calendars, coffee hot chocolate mugs, and notepads.
And of course they have AWESOME Christmas Cards! Here are a LOT of my favorites.

They have a great deals on Christmas cards starting as low as .32 cent, and they are having a sale right now and they are 30% off! So go on over to and check out all their cool stuff!!

Don't forget to enter the CSN giveaway ending Monday November 22!!

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