Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hobby Lobby Bargains!

A lot has been going on at the Gambrell Cabin.  We decorated for Christmas. I have many posts to do on Christmas decorating, like a pottery barn inspired advent calendar, wreath, easy ornaments, and some cheap was to decorate your home. 
This is how buddy helps us decorate :)
While i was out running errands today i came across some bargains at Hobby Lobby. 
I have been looking for some trees like this...

or this one

At first i thought about buying foam cones and wrapping hemp around them but the cones were a little pricey so i kept looking. 

Then i found these at Hobby Lobby.
And guess how much they were... $3.50 each!! They are usually $7 but there half off this week. SCORE!
I also scored these babies...
A wreath-$2.50
Scrapbook adhesive (for our Christmas Cards)-$3.00

I will be back soon with some Christmas ideas!

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The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

you know what you should do? stuff the trees with a ball of lights and have them light up!

i LOVE my feather decor but it was so pricey i can't afford a new theme lol

Laina said...

O good idea! that would be cute!


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