Monday, November 1, 2010

Simple Fall Tablescape

Continuing with my theme of free/cheap fall decor. I put together a VERY simple fall table. I had everything except the pumpkins which only cost me $1.50 total.  
They tray was from our wedding my very talented friend Linds made it for us. The table runner i think was on clearance at Pottery Barn? My mom gave it to me. 
The Leaf bowl was the only fall decoration i bought last year. My mom got if for me at Khols and i had candle in it last year. I put some pinecones in it that i also bought last year. Why would i buy pinecones when they are free outside and you are all about free? you ask? Well last year one weekend while the hubs and i were climbing i decided to collect acorns. They were so pretty and i imagined filling vases with them. Well when i went back to them about a week later they had maggots in them. SICK! it was so gross i later found out you are supposed to freeze them to kill the little guys inside. anyway i'm not tryin that anymore i'll wait until they go 75% off after the holiday. 
The blue ball mason jar i got at the endless yard sale for $2 and the candles inside it were $2 on clearance at tjmaxx or marshalls a few years ago.
I know it's super simple but that is how i have been feeling lately, i have been getting rid of EVERYTHING we do not use. And it feels so good! I have had so much fun decorating for fall with things around the house, hopefully i can do the same for Christmas.


Chrissi said...

we're in the midst of a major is freeing! can't wait to decorate for christmas! are you going to have any fun decor tutorials?

Laina said...

Yes, i have a couple things in mind but let me know if you are looking for any tutorials in particular, and i will work them in!


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