Monday, August 2, 2010

Dad's Sauce

If you know me or my family you know my dad makes the best spaghetti and meatballs in the WORLD... well except maybe Allison who thinks it takes like wine... but that's not a normal reaction to this delicious sauce. The recipe started with my grandpa, and my dad tweaked the sauce to make it his own. 
 Since i can remember my dad would make a huge pot of sauce and 100 meatballs divide each into four and we would eat it once a week, usually on Sunday's.  So you can see why my dad wanted at least one of his 6 children to carry on the recipe. 
So a few weeks ago over 4th of July i made my first attempt to recreate his sauce. Even though my Dad doesn't measure anything he guesstimated how much of everything i needed. He told me to add about a half a glass of wine to the sauce, well i found out that his half a glass of wine and my half a glass of wine were very different! Probably cause i don't drink the stuff! I had to apologize to our guest that for the extra winey taste. 
So this Saturday i attempted to make the sauce again. This time i pretty much made it from memory, i reevaluated my "half a glass of wine" and it actually turned out pretty good!  
Here is a pic!

And another, i got buddy in this one :)

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You should know... said...

It does taste like wine :D


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