Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday Night Chaos!

I went home this weekend to hangout with my fam and pick up a piece of furniture. My parents gave us a large pine armour it's beautiful and we thought it would house or tv, wii, dvd player, and cd player perfectly. Well it did house our electronics perfectly but the piece was SOO big in our little living rom, so this is what our house looked like on Sat night about 8:30pm.

We got the armour in the living room and it was way to big.  And long term we wanted to build a cabinet over the fireplace to put the tv and all the electronics so we weren't sure what to do with this piece. I did NOT want to take it all the way home. So of course i called my mom and she fixed everything :) how do mom's have the skill to do that? My thought was to put it up in our master bedroom and use it for clothes. We really don't need it for clothes since our closet was so big but i wasn't sure what else to do with it.

My mom suggested putting it in the guest room where the desk was. So while Robby was helping a neighbor move something i moved the armour to the guest room, and put the couch where our tv was.

This is what it looks like now.

Eventually we would like to build a cabinet to go on top of the fireplace to close everything in but for now we don't mind the tv being out. And now we can use the fireplace this winter!

It's so open we LOVE it!!

I also scored this table at goodwill this weekend. for $15

Well actually i saw it when i went back and didn't think i had room for it but one we did the big switch it fit perfectly next to the stairs. I'm going to paint it. I think cream, but not sure. What do you think??

As for the guest room...

I'm not sure about this little sitting area... the table looks kinda dinky to me.  So I may be selling it if anyone is interested??

And that dresser that was in the guest room is now in our bedroom. (sorry for the bad pics)

I went to an antique store this weekend while i was home too, and Robby finished up another project on the house, but i'll do a post about that later.

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The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

omg that white mirror looks like my estate sale find! Love it!!


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