Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kitchen Table Before and After

My parents gave us this lovely kitchen table and chairs. It was dark green with a light wood top. We stained the top a few months ago. I have been wanting to paint the table and chairs white for a while and we finally got it done. 

That's me in the background sanding away!

We took all the seats of the chairs and Robby took a paint sprayer to them out side.

I'm not sure what exactly he did, cause i rean to the store, but when i got back, Wala, 6 beautiful chairs!

We flipped the table upside down and painted the legs with a brush.

Here it is! all new and pretty!

We used Behr's paint and primer in one, the color is called Antique White. The paint is really thick since it has the primer in it but it wasn't too hard to work with.

We still need to put some tung oil on the top to finish it off.


Claire said...

Is that the table that all the boys had carved their names into or was that the one at michael's apt? I think it was the one from michael's apt but i remember helping you guys sand the other one. Overall i am wondering if you guys had to strip it completely and refinish it.

Laina said...

haha well i think they carved their names into both of them but the one with the most damage is in my craft room. Robby sanded the top of it down really really well and then we put a coat of Jaco bean stain on it. But we still have to put tung oil on it. Hope that answered your question :)


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