Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chairs Before and Afters

You may remember a few weeks ago i brought home this chair on the left for $2.50. You can check out my other thrifty finds that day here. The Chair on the right i got a few months ago for about $3.50. 

Hubs threw some paint on them, and i sanded them down a bit and covered them in fabric that i got from Walmart for $4 a yard (I only needed one yard for both chairs.) 

Here's a close up.

And another.

The paint we had left over from another project and the fabric was $4 for both chairs. The chairs were a total of $6. So the total project cost $10.  

Here is a picture of them in my craft room, I love them!


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

Love these! I want a kitchen table with all the chairs mismatched and a bench :) So adorable and unbelievably cheap! I need to find your thrift stores (I'm so over Goodwill and their expensive furniture! I can buy brand new from Ross/Homegoods for some stuff!)

Keltner said...

Can I come with you when you are on Oprah and GMA?

Laina said...

Sheila- I love that look with all the different chairs, and bench, so cute! and i totally agree about Goodwill, it is soo expensive! It's sad when a thrift store seems too pricey... I go to America's Thrift. There is one near Kennesaw off Canton Road. It is really good they always have a lot of stuff. The one i go to in chatty is pretty slim pickins but it makes it more fun i guess :)

Keltner- I'm not sure what GMA is but if that EVER happens of course you would come, i would need someone to calm me down with a QT hotdog :)


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