Friday, August 27, 2010

Endless Yard Sale-Stories...

The Endless Yard Sale, or EYS... I am already saving and counting down the days until next year..
Remember what i found on day 1?
Here is a little recap.
The table was $5
Set of 8 pyrex bowls $2.75
Suitcase $1.25
basket $1
Lantern .50 cents

And day 2...

Here is day two... this is mine and Linds stuff combined

This milk crate may be my favorite find, only becuase, i went to about 3 or 4 vendors asking about them and everyone was selling them for $35 or $40 bucks, hecks no i wasn't about to spend that much! you know how cheap i am! Well the last place we stopped at, the same place we found the ladder, had this crate and the guy sold it to me for $5! now were talkin!
So this lovely hold some of my vinyl records... love it!

Look at all them dirty jars!!

This ladder is a fun story.. So our car was PACKED TO THE BRIM!! cause we hit the mother load and we drive by a yard sale when linds yell, O MY GOODNESS GO BACK THEY HAD A LADDER!!!! so we turn around and this ladder is HUGE!!!! we were both like yeah we want it but where in the world will we put it, it was probably twice the length of my car... so the guy offers to cut it in half... brilliant. So he cuts it and ties it onto the top of my car and we each paid $7.50. SCORE!! we have both been looking for one of these for a while now and Linds saw one in an antique store for $40. So we thought we got a pretty good deal.

This is just it's temporary home. I'll do another post when i move it to it's permanent residence.
It's perfect for holding our blankets
I forgot to mention these lovelies i found, this blue mason jar full of buttons was $12 but i talked her down to $10 i probably could have gone a little cheaper but i didn't want to push it. This was a steal.
This i got for free. the guy probably thought i was crazy. It's some sort of corn thing for a barn. The farmer that gave it to me explained it to me but i was real good at acting like i knew exactly what he was talkin about... i had no idea. But i thought it was cool so i'm gonna fix it however it fits together.

This window i got from the same farmer as the corn thingy (he also gave us some horse shoes for freezle). I paid $5 bucks for it which is pretty good, but this was before we went to that guys house to get the free windows! but i love this one, i'm going to use it on our family wall in the guest room. My plan is to take out the glass and put chicken wire and maybe some fabric behind it and hang pictures on it.
I got this jar with the button flowers in it for $2. Linds and i each got one and her's was only $1 and looked slightly different but i already had one like the jar she was getting. So when he told me the price i said why is her's cheaper than this one. The guy in the booth next to him said, "cause it's a $20 jar..." alright.. alright.. i'll pay $2 bucks for it... i told you i was cheap :)
And here is the lantern i cleaned up and threw a candle in. With the beautiful pic of my sister and niece in the background. Love that pic!!

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