Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Endless Yard Sale-Day 2

I  LOVE thrift shopping!  My friend Linds and i, she is featured in this post, tried to find more sales at the EYS. We decided to go to Signal Mtn again and at first we stopped by the first sale i had been to the day before. Well we stopped to get some cash at a gas station and the attendant told us that if we drove a little further up the road we would find a lot of vendors. Boy was he right!! So we started our journey and when i spotted the first group of sales i literally yelled "O MY GOODNESS WE'VE HIT THE MOTHERLOAD!!" I was so so so excited i can't even tell you, Lame, with a capital L, i know... but what i saw was exactly what i had been seeing in all the videos i watched about the EYS. Again, lame i watched videos about it....

Anyway we drove for miles and there were multiple vendors on both sides of the road we didn't know where to stop, we even passed some and planned on going back later but we ran out of time, and car space. When we arrived home 9 hours later, yes that's longer than most of you sleep, we had a car load of stuff, we literally could not fit one more thing in there!
Here is a pic of the car Day 2...

And with the ladders off and the door open!

This may look like just a bunch of junk.. but Linds and i hit jackpot! I pretty much just bought a bunch of old crates and mason jars.
The Ladder was double that size the man offered to cut it in half for us because we both really wanted a ladder and as long as it was it wouldn't have fit on the car. The ladder was $15 but when he cut it, it was only $7.50 each. SCORE!

The windows we got for free. We met a guy at one of the tents and when we mentioned we were looking for windows he said he had a bunch at his house and that we could come by and pick them up. I know kinda sketch right, but don't worry we were safe about it.

Check out Linds blog to see what she got!
I will try to remember everything i got that day...

Yellow Coca Cola crate-$4
Happy Farms milk just crate- $5
6 payne window-$5
Old Corn thingy from a barn-FREE
Small frame and plant holder- $1
Metal Crate- $6
Wood box- $2
9 Windows (7 wood, 2 metal)-FREE
About 12 of Blue ball and clear Mason jars-i can't even remember how much i spent on all those.
Blue Ball Mason jar full of old buttons- $10

Total I spent about $70

Check back to see where i put all this "junk" :) and i made something super cute out of the windows!


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

i saw the NEATEST window table at an estate sale, and also window artwork- so simple and SO decorative! Can't wait to see what you do, so jealous of this "EYS" i must know more... so jealous!

Laina said...

Yeah i saw those at a shop here in Chatty, they were selling for like $200 bucks! I wanted to make one of those out of one of the windows but i don't need a coffee table, maybe i will make it and sell it :) Next year you should come it's the first weekend of Aug every year. And i hear there is something called Antique Alley coming up try googling it i haven't searched it yet but i think it's comin up this month or next but it's kinda the same deal as the EYS.


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