Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thrifting with Lindsey

Today i went down to Atlanta to go to a thrift store and garage sales with my good friend Lindsey. She had been earlier that week and picked up a red lamp and cross for me that i have pictures of below.  By the way Linds is the QUEEN of thrifting! If that's a word, if not i'm making it one. Everything in her house is from a thrift store, and it looks beautiful! 

I found this candle holder for $1.50. Thought it was kinda unique.

And an up close pic of the top.

Linds found this cross for $7. 

And this lamp for $13. Debating on whether or not to change the shade? What do you think?

This beauty we found at Goodwill for $15. It holds all  most of my craft stuff.

My paint.

Candles and decorating stuff.

Random stuff.

And my fabric!

I love it! I may paint it green later but for now i'm loving the yellow! 


L.Caroline said...

Using the file cabinet for craft storage is a great idea! I wish that we lived closer and could have crafting parties, haha!

Laina said...

Me too!! that would be so fun :) let me know next time your drivin through chatty, you should stop and hangout!


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