Sunday, August 15, 2010

$35 Bathroom Makeover

This weekend i decided i was going to paint our guest bathroom. Well Saturday got busy so i didn't get to start until 8PM :( I was going for a pale robins egg blue but i am not very good at picking out paint colors, hopefully i will get better after taking these classes. But i tend to stand at the paint counter FOREVER going back and forth on colors and when the guy goes to mix the color i say, "wait i think i want this color".... they hate me. But that's why i go to sherwin williams, because they are so so nice, their paint is always cheaper and there is usually not many people in the store so they can focus on me and give me their opinions, which i take in to very serious consideration. The guy that helped me on Saturday told me he liked this color better than the green one i was looking at.... so i went with it, he is the paint man, of course he knows best. Anyway the color is a little brighter than i thought but that bathroom was such a pain to paint with trying to get behind the toilet and the trim, that it will stay that color for a very long time...

I wish i had before pics i thought i had taken some but I guess not i couldn't find them. The bathroom just had beige walls, i hadn't hung anything besides the shower curtain and put some mats on the floor. So here it is, in all of it's blue glory! O and the color is Raindrop (SW6485), by sherwin williams of course.

Sorry the pics are kinda blurry i'm still learning how to work this camera.

And all the jars from the EYS.

And you know i had to make a couple button bouquets for this room too, since they are in almost every other room of our house :)

Bathroom Breakdown
Paint $21
Window $7 (I already had the fabric)
Heart towel hook .50 cents
Jars $4 (Turquoise $1 Blue Ball Mason $3) I had the rest
Green box on toilet $3

Everything else, shower curtain, mats, WW candle i already had.
Total $35

P.S. I forgot to mention i'm working on a shelf from this post to go over the toilet. I'll post an update when i finish it.


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

looks great! I HATED painting my bathroom! same size and imagine alternating lines with 2 different shades of tiffany blues!!

The Burfitt's said...

i love the color!!

Laina said...

Thanks Buff! and Sheila i wanna see pics of your bathroom i was thinking about doing horizontal stripes with a tan and off white but i was too lazy, haha.

L.Caroline said...

I really like the color! Email of FB me your address and I will send you the dish!

Laina said...

Yay thanks!

You should know... said...

Alaina this room looks amazing!!!!!

Laina said...

Thanks Allison!


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