Thursday, August 26, 2010

Before and Afters

I have been a little behind on my before and afters so i'm gonna do one big post on all of them.
Here is the candle stick i found in this post for $1.50.

and after...

I spray painted it with some red paint i had and it now it sits on my coffee table with my other candles.

I don't know if i did a post on these next too but here is the middle, because i forgot to get a before picture. This on was a gold charger with a picture of food on it. 

This was just a piece of wood that someone glued a picture to. 


The one on the left, i got for $1.48 I spray painted it with a white primer then green and painted the middle with chalkboard paint that i had from this project.
The charger on the right i got for .70 cents. I primed and painted this one as well and bought a mirror at hobby lobby for around $2 and hot glued it to the charger. 

This mirror i got months ago for $6.88 at a thrift store of course. i like it brown for a while but recently i have been loving the blue. So i painted it with the same color i painted this lamp



The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

omg i love the blue mirror!!! Looks stunning! Amazing on that wall. is that a spray paint or a paint?

Laina said...

Thanks girl! it's spray paint the color is Bahama Sea by Krylon


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