Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good thing my husband loves me...

I've got the bug again. i've decided to totally redecorate my craft room. I had the idea a few days ago because 1. i never spend much time in there. 2. we really could use more room for guests, and 3. i don't spend much time in there. i know i said it twice, but there is nothing i hate more than unused things and spaces, i have a permanent purge box in my home and am constantly reorganizing and trying to simplify our lives. 
Anyway, here is my plan, the craft room will now be a guest room/craft room. I have so much stuff in my craft room i am on the verge of hoarding so i am pairing down and getting rid of everything i don't use, even if i THINK i'll use it one day. 
So i am selling my dear hutch that i have been fixing up.
 and the green desk, i LOVE it but it's too big for the space. There are a few other things around the house i'm selling and i'm using that money and ONLY that money to redecorate, if my calculations are right i can do the room for around $200 without the flooring.
Here's the plan..
full size bed on a pallet frame with caster wheels.
here is the fabric i will use for pillows and maybe some other little things around the room. 
 I'm gonna use this orange bedding.
I will have a craft corner inspired by the picture below. 
I already have the filing cabinet i just need to find a desk that is 40'' long or shorter.
I want to paint the bottom plum purple and the top of the desk in chalkboard paint. 
And we will be using a lot of pallets; for the bed, some rolling crates and a bookshelf.
The carpet in the craft room NEEDS to be replaced i would love to do hardwoods but if it is too expensive we will do a carpet remnant. 
I am sooo excited to get this project started! Now i just have to wait for people to buy my stuff so i can get this show on the road!!! 
And of course, i will keep you updated :)
P.S. the hubs and i have done a few more things in the nursery so i will post on those soon too. 


Writingfor5 said...

You might like this for you craft corner. They painted it! Love the idea for the bed!

Emom said...

I completely understand your madness......I am one too...smiles

Katie H said...

why is everything you do SO cute!?? Now I understand the pallet you put on Twitter, its super cool! Are you going to paint it white or leave it natural?


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