Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hey guys, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Brooke. 
She is beautiful and so talented! A few weeks ago the Lord laid it on her  heart to start an organization for children in Africa. She sells the CUTEST baby blankets and when you buy one she will make one and send it to a child in the village of Mgyawi. I visited this village 3 years ago and it is so neat to hear what Brooke is doing for those precious kids!

Here are some of the blankets she has in her shop.
this is my fav!

Please visit her Etsy shop 
This would be such a great gift for Christmas!

Here is more about Brooke's Ministry 
At Mwana, our vision is to make a difference for the children of Africa. A visit to the small village of Mgyawi in Malawi, Africa identified a specific need of its children—to receive shelter from the cold night. We are impassioned to help. You can too. For each Mwana blanket purchased, an additional blanket will be personally delivered to a child in need in Africa. Make a difference. Share Warmth. 

Stay tuned Brooke has offered to give one Recycled Interiors 
  a blanket. Giveaway coming next week :) but in the mean time check out the Mwana giveaways going on right now at Home is where the heart is and Baby bukes

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JoAnna of re-U creating new spaces said...

This is such a cool thing your friend is doing. I love the blankets too! I will have to remember this when my friends start having babies!


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