Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stool Makeover Numero Dos

It has been busy around here this week so i have a short post for you tonight.
Remember when i recovered this little guy from the thrift store?
I found him like this.
Well this is what happened when the hubs was cleaning out the tub with clorox..
and see that little circle in the picture below that is from the plate that he used to cover it up...
Shame shame...
So i just recovered it with this linen fabric.
and now it's back in the bathroom where it belongs, and if the clorox incident happens again it won't be as noticeable :)


The Guff said...

you did NOT get that stool for $3..... I saw one at an estate shop today and wanted it sooo badddd... it was $35. So I passed. YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD OF THRIFTING! haha so cute. xoxo

A-town said...

hahaha robz!

Meredith said...

At least your hubby cleans! ;)
Love the new fabric though - it's a cute stool all around.


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