Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thrifting 2.1.11

Dilema dilema. So i took a trip to thrift store (i hadn't been in WEEKS, i know crazy.) I found an incredible deal! but let me back up. I have been looking for a cabinet/hutch for this space.
As you can see i need a very narrow cabinet/hutch. I want to make this into a coffee bar area where we can put all the hubs coffee stuff, his coffee pot, french press, drip and espresso machine. And store the coffee and all the little things that go with it.
So while i was at the thrift store today i spotted this little lady.
It's an old tv cabinet.
But i didn't realize how deep she was until i got home. 
You see, i was blinded by her price tag. $25 with 70% off. I'll do the math for ya. 
$7 bucks!!
At that point all common sense went out the window.
I grabbed the bottom half of the tag and headed for the register. 
When i got her home i realized she is way too wide for our kitchen :( so sad. 
So i tried her out in our guest room
How does she look? 
The antique wash stand that i had there is my mothers, i was just borrowing it until i found something else. 
Here is another angle.
I may decide to sell her but for now i think i'll leave her right there. 
Because i'm SO in love with her!
Here are some close up pics. I've got some big plans for her!
The top will be sanded and stained. I'm gonna paint the bottom Flagstone Grey. The same color i painted the sewing table and craft room. And i'm going to sand it down A LOT so you can see a lot of natural wood through the grey. Kinda like i did the recycled table. Then i'm going to apply a clear poly to the top.
On the inside i'm gonna paint it the same grey color.
But i'm gonna leave this little knob area the way it is.
I'm gonna paint the inside of the curve of the door with chalk board paint.
I am in LOVE with these curves. I'm thinkin a basket on the bottom to hold towels or extra blankets.
So how do you think it looks in the guest room? I need your help. 
I will be back with after pictures soon!


Beans said...

So Cute! I really like it there! It fills up that space under the window perfectly and it's so unique. What were the knobs for? Those are really cool. Are you going to leave the bottom open for the baskets like you did on your dresser? That would be super neat and it would show off those pretty curves. Show off those curves girl! lol

Laina said...

Thanks girl! I forgot to mention it is an old Tv cabinet!

The Guff said...

OMG! That's exactly what we are looking for for upstairs! How come I can't find things like that at OUR Goodwill!!! Hahaha! Awesome find, girl!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

You know what I think? I need a thrift store like that! $7! Really!?! That is so great. I love it :) I have been looking for a buffet or sideboard at the thrift store forever. Please, Lord, help me find one this cute ;)


Heather @ REOlisticRenovation said...

What an amazing deal! I never find furniture deals like that thrifting around here. I am so with you on needing a place for the husband's coffee stuff it is taking over a whole area in our kitchen.

Laina said...

You girls can totally find the same deals! i go to America's thrift and they cycle out all their stuff so every week a different color tag is either 30% 50% or 70% off. A few times i have waited for something to go on sale and when i go back it's gone. but other times i find stuff like this that has been there for a while.
Natalie, i am going to Goodwill's half off day this sat, i will keep my eyes open for something for ya and send you some pics.
Heather- if you think of another way to store/organize all that coffee stuff let me know :)

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

What a steal :0) Dont you feel like youve won the lottery after a find like that? I think it will look gorgeous gray too.

Jackie said...

I love it!


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