Wednesday, February 9, 2011


yes i just made up a word, Shelvuary, meaning this post is mostly about shelves and it is February. don't hate, i'm running out of blog titles, already! No on to the shelves, I changed up my living room a bit, can you tell what i did...
The shelf above the door used to look like this,
But i started using the jars in other places around the house and after a while there were only four left and it started to look a little lonely up there so i added a few things i found around the house.
I also hung the mirror i found last weekend.
Joon it's still yours i'm just putting it to use until i pass it on to you :)
In other news my sweet husband made me some shelves for my closet in the craft room. And he did it for FREE!!
He looks mad there but he's not he's just trying to make a weird face...typical
anyway back to the shelves.  I have been wanting shelves in the closet to store my craft stuff and since i bought the hutch i needed the extra storage because it holds a lot less stuff than my bookshelves did. So we went to home depot to get wood and when we priced it out it was going to cost us $70 for the wood. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Y'all know how cheap i am and that, that is just too much to spend on shelves. So my husband being the amazingly, smart, cheap, frugal, and handy man that he is, went over to the empty lot by our house and picked up some free wood for us to use for the shelves. They were a little wet so we let them dry for a few days and... Wa La!
Perfect new shelves for FREE and the natural wood is gorgeous and matches our trim perfectly. So here she is all loaded up with my goodies!
It holds EVERYTHING! but i kept a few things out to store in the hutch. Which by the way is coming along nicely.
I know it doesn't LOOK like it's moving along, but i got the whole thing cleaned and sanded. 
And i found my inspiration for it....this dresser is from Kara Paslay Designs
So all i have left to do is stain the piece and do the lace on the drawers and shelves.
I can't wait, and of course i'll keep you posted :)


A-town said...

I am SO excited for you and that closet. I bet it holds a ton. and I can't wait to see how the hutch turns out.

A Vintage Vine said...

Looking forward to seeing the hutch and that closet for crafts will be awesome!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

can i tell you I could barely scroll down after seeing my mirror up in that pic LOLLLL my heart fell! I was like ommgggg she had a change of heart! or, omg robbie mentioned liking it or something LOL!

I got really sad. then kept reading. and got happy all over again!!!

SO EXCITED ABOUT MARCH! let's work on some details this weekend ok?

The Guff said...

k is going to be so happy that i saw this. i want to lace-paint everything in my house now, SO PRETTY!!!!! what a great idea. ps. we still ahvent seen your cabin! gah!

Laina said...

Sheila- haha i'm sorry i gave you a fright. Is Mrs bartell's thing in march or april? we are going to Co in march and i can't get much more time off unless it was a sat/sunday deal, then i'm down! Lets definitley talk this weekend!
Guff-Once i finish my hutch i will do a tutorial on the lace thing, i think it will be pretty easy, but i'll let you know how it goes, and y'all need to get your little booties up here soon! we wanna see cham cham again! and you two of course!!!

Allison said...

I love shelves above doorways!

Allison said...

Alaina thanks so much! I know it's nerdy to admit, but it feels so great to get a compliment on the ol blog!! I am loving yours too! Your cabin is soo neat and unique! The coffee table is actually a $40 antique WW II ammo box we picked up at The Apple Festival in a little town called Erwin near us.
The man we bought it from said he inheritated a couple hundred from his dad and little by little was selling them. Some he turned into kitchen islands!
I'm excited to keep up with what you create!


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