Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My funny Valentine, you make me smile.

I am a bit late decorating for Valentines day but i dove into it a few nights ago after i read Joon's post on her conversation centerpiece! This is my first year decorating for Valentines day, i may have gone a little overboard but i only spent $7. The candy hearts were $5 and i the wire for the button flowers were $2.
In honor of Valentines day i thought i'd post this little song for you to listen to while you read :)

The only decorations i had,i bought last year, were the placemats and plates. The place mats are from Ross for 4 for $4, and the small heart plates were $4 each (I bought 4) at TJ Maxx. Everything else i shopped around my house for or made. 

I made the banner with my cricut, hemp and some old book pages.

I saw this over at Ordy and Joon, her's was much cutter with real flowers :)
But walmart wanted $5 for a small bouquet of carnations! Didn't they used to go for like $1 a piece!?

Have you decorated for Valentines day yet? Did you splurge on some cute decorations or go the homemade route?

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L.Caroline said...

SO stinkin' cute, of course! I love the table and the mantle. You are so creative! Did you make the ABC picture on the mantle?

Laina said...

Thanks girl! yes i did it was super easy!

A-town said...

super cute and i love the bouquet!

mommytomason said...

where did you get your dining room table? i love it!

Chrissi said...

always so cute alaina!

Gerbatron said...

wow that is awesome you are one talented young lady and i like that about you.

Laina said...

Thanks guys! Jennifer, the tables was rescued from my parents basement, i'm not sure where they got it. But i have seen some really cute tables at the thrift store lately!


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