Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Husband's Birthday

This weekend we celebrate Robby's bday at the Gambrell Cabin. It was so fun we had the whole family up and just relaxed, ate amazing cookie cake and espresso cheesecake, and played cards. The weather was perfect, it's starting to fell like fall, my FAVORITE season! 

On Saturday we went climbing and hiking, to a pool party with our lifegroup, and came home to get ready for our guests. Nothing will get you motivated to get stuff done around the house, like having people to your house for the first time. I love it. I felt so accomplished this weekend! The fam came up Sunday after church and stayed through Monday.
I didn't take any pics this weekend :( i've got to get better at that, but i took pics of the house for the blog. Here is what we got done.

First, we got our family pictures up, i have been collecting frames, pictures, and other random stuff to put on the wall, for what seems like FOR-E-VER.
The window in the middle was from the EYS  i hammered the glass out, painted it black, and stapled hemp to the back of it so i could tape pictures to the front. 
Here is the before picture of the window.

I also made some pillows  that match the curtains in our living room. I made them out of napkins, and the curtains are table cloths, both from world market. My mom had given me some pillow forms so i just made some slipcovers. 

My boss gave me the trunk at the end of my bed, it is so cool, and the perfect size for the foot of our bed, although we may use it as a coffee table in the living room once we get a new addition that i can't mention yet :)
I love it!! Thank you SO much Cindy!!

This G pillow i made out of buttons and some left over linen fabric i had from a bulletin board i made, i'll post about it later. My friend Linds made a super cute one with an L on it that she took the time to sew all the buttons on, but i just hot glued mine cause it was midnight when i decided to make it, and i was so exhausted. But it looks so cute on our bed.
I also finished about a third of my second unit of school, i'll hopefully have unit two finished in a few weeks!
We did a little switcheroo with the metal shelf that was in the craft room we thought it would go much better in the shed holding Rob's gear. So we bought two white bookshelves from target for $30 each and put all my craft stuff and our office stuff on it, since we moved the desk out of the office in this post.

I never did a post on this dresser because i couldn't find a before pic but it was just a wood dresser i found at America's Thrift for $15. It had 8 drawers but the second two were not part of the original dresser so i took them out and painted them white as well and put green knobs on them and they are under our bed storing linens, i plan to put rollers on them eventually. 
Since i took the drawers out i had an opening i wanted to put baskets in but i was always to cheap to buy baskets, but i broke down and bought them this weekend for 40% off. So both baskets were about $30. I think the whole dresser revamp cost me about $85 pretty cheap for a dresser!

It felt so good getting so much done this weekend! I finished up all the little projects i had been wanting to get to for so long! 

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mommytomason said...

I just starting following and I LOVE your blog! Where do you get windows? I want one desperately!


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