Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paint, paint and more paint!

Last night hubs and i went to home depot to get paint for the outside doors on the house, what an ordeal... i'll post on that later. But look what i got!
Those are all the colors from Behr's paint and primer in one paint. (Yes ALL the colors. I stood at that paint sample booth thingy FoReVeR picking up every sample.) We love it, it's a little more expensive but so worth it. A gallon is about $35. We used the color antique white on our kitchen table.
I have seen on other blogs how people go and get the paint samples to make their own little paint book. But after we got all the samples and i saw how many there were, i realized i don't think they take every color... cause that was way too many to put on a ring. So for now they are sitting on our mantle waiting for a place in our home.

We have been wanting to paint the front, back and shed doors for a while now but when i saw my friend Stacy's blog on her "Front of the home" makeover here and here. I got really inspired to fix up the font of our house, especially for the upcoming holiday's :) So check back for a tutorial on painting outside doors and a cheap way to save money on your ugly gold hardware :)


Drew and Stacy Holley said...

omg thanks for the shout out!!! maybe more than 6 people will read my blog now! bahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Wow love the cabin you two. Keep up the good work. And super creative project ideas. Will try sometime.
Thrifty Ricky


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