Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Addition :)

When robby and i got married we got some super nice couches from a family friend that were originally from crate and barrel, they were pull out, which was great for guests, but they weren't long enough to lay down on and once buddy got a hold of them they were full of dog hair, and a little stained. So we have been looking for couches on and off for the past few months. 
We went to Ashley furniture and Rooms to go but couldn't bring ourselves to go into debt over furniture.
You will never guess where we found these..... well if you guess the thirft store you are right! Except it's this room off of the thrift store that sells new furniture for much less than most furniture stores.

The problem we were running into was finding a couch that fit in our small living room. We did find some stuff at Ashley and Rooms to go but all thier pieces were too big. The wall across from the fireplace is little longer than 6 ft and most couches are around 8ft so we were thinking about getting a love seat for small wall, and finding two chairs to go under the stairs. Well that wasn't working because at the thirft store you have to buy the whole set of furniture you can't just buy one couch if it is in a set. So then we thought about getting a sectional to go under the small wall and window where the bench was.
So while we were looking at sectionals we found this beauty. It is a sectional but you can take out the corner chair (which we are putting in our master bedroom) and it is two separate couches that fit perfectly on the small wall and under the stairs.
Usually i like light colors but being in a cabin and all i LOVE the dark cordoroy. We love the cloth and leather combo, as robby said "it's leather where it needs to be and cloth where it needs to be."
And the best part was we got the whole set, 3 pieces, for $755.00
That is a lot better than the furniture stores that were selling sets for well over $1,500.


The little side table in this pic below will be gettin a makeover soon, can't wait to show you!
Aren't they perfect for our Cabin?

Buddy likes them too, since they match his new doggie bed :)


The Guff said...

So cute!!! We are looking into new couches ourselves. BABY proof ones! Suede + Spit up= No good. Maybe next time we are there you can show us this place!!! Love the corduroy!

You should know... said...

I can't wait to see it!

Drew and Stacy Holley said...

ooooh i love i love!!!! if only you bought them a week ago...then i could have seen them in person!!!

ps. your table awaits you... ;)

Laina said...

Natalie, i will definitly take y'all there next time your up! they have great deals! Allison, can't wait for you to see it either :) and Stacy thank you so much! the next time i will be home is the second weekend in Oct, maybe i could pic it up then?


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