Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thrifting 4/19/12

Last week i went home to help my Mom clean her house and while i was there i stopped in a couple thrift stores.
I got all the books below plus 2 that i gave away for $2. They were buy one book get two free and their hardbacks are $1
 I got this cute toy for Z for $3
 here is the other side
This light blue plate was $1 
 Puzzles $1 each
I got this shelf for $3 a few weeks ago at the thrift store
I replaced the other white shelf  
This tin was .99 cents 
adorable vintage baby doll crib was only $4. I'm gonna scrape the stickers off and repaint the white part.
 and this crib was only $3
 i know i have a boy and he's not supposed to play with dolls, but the second crib is for my niece for her bday and the first one is for Z to play with but i'm hoping one day we have a girl and ultimately it's for her but until then Z can rock his manly stuffed animals to sleep in it. Don't judge; his wife will appreciate it one day :)

These are some things i didn't buy 
these cute vintage baby dolls, $1 each but the boy had a sad face on and weird shorts. I wouldn't want my son taking fashion sense from that guy..

i was going to get this cute sign for my valentines day collection it's originally from target but at $4 i wasn't sold and when i found the doll cribs i knew i wanted them more.
 Some of you might say this thing is ugly but i thought it was kinda cute the cookie jar alone was $5 and it had more pieces, like salt and pepper shakers and sugar and creamer dishes i can't remember what else.
This little picture was $3  
This adorable picture was $6 and it was huge i LOVED it but didn't have anywhere to put it. 
 This toy was $2 but it reminded me of a Dr's office toy so we passed on it.
I have a running list on my phone of blog posts i need to write including, our new kitchen shelves, my terrariums, my birth story and a few more so hopefully i can find some time this week to get them done!


Leigh said...

Those cribs are so awesome.

Anonymous said...

I need you to help me organize and re-do my room at home. Seriously, your so creative!

Taylor Johnson


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