Monday, April 30, 2012

Kitchen Updates

I've got a couple kitchen updates to share with you. It's been a while since i've done a post on the kitchen so here goes.
In my dream kitchen i would have all open shelves. Most of you think i'm crazy but i love the accountability to keep everything clean and organized and not keep things i don't like to look at ;)
I tried to convince my husband of this and he didn't agree but he did give me open shelves on both sides of the window. 
Here is a very old before picture of our kitchen when we first moved in.
 Then to start my love for open shelves i took the doors off our cabinets. Which i liked at the time but lookin back does not look that great.
So here is the after,
the right side of the window
and the left 
 i LOVE it!
 i also added globes to the top of the cabinets and yes i would make these open shelves also in a heartbeat!

 I also made this sign. I got the idea from pintrest of course. It's a little lopsided but i'm trying to let go of my perfectionism (yes it's a word) and just love the imperfections.
 it's from this scene of friends
I also made these little cake stands for our spices and honey. The plates were .50 cents each and the stand on the right was .50 cents and the left was $1.
Total for cake stands $2.50


Debbie @ My Little Mess said...

The open shelves look ten times better!

Mae said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE everything about your kitchen!!!!

Allison said...

Oh my word, those shelves are adorable! I love love love them! Especially how you hung the teacups on the bottom! I have the same clear drinking glasses with the raised dots, super sweet! Great idea! Did you completely remove the cabinets? was it hard? Because I am seriously contemplating doing the same thing somewhere in our kitchen. Love it! Way to take a risk and try out open shelving!


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