Friday, April 13, 2012

Phone Dump Friday

Hey guys just wanted to stop in and show you a few pictures of our week.

Z slept INHIS CRIB, for the second night in a row, for almost 6 hours last night!!!
 I missed out on a few incredible things at the thrift store. See those little red tags, those mean the item is sold...

 But i did score a couple awesome things, including this adorable book for .25 cents 
 Z's cloth diapers came in!
 We played at the park with some friends.
 Z's bottom lip made it's apperancea few times.
 We decorated the front porch-still a work in progress. 
I watched the graduate for the first time, and enjoyed my favorite snack; almonds and cranberries! 
i love this pic. 
and this one  
 Also this is what i woke up to this morning 
WHAT? it's april and 41 degrees?? 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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