Thursday, April 12, 2012

It has been a looong time!

It has been a long time since i have done a thrifting post, or even been thrifting for that matter. here is what i've gotten in the past month or so.
Also, i'm sorry about the lack of pretty pics i snapped these real quick while the bird was chillin.
a play yard for Z, only $6 thanks to Natalie and her keen eye ;)
Zion loves it!
I also scored this vintage afgan number 3 for me. i Love them, but it's hard to find really cute colored ones. This one was only $3.50.
These tins were 79 cents and 99 cents. I LOOOVE the farm one on the left!
I scored all this fabric for $6 pillowcases were .50 cents table cloth 50 cents and the rolls of fabric on the left were from 44 cents to $1.68 each.

This isn't a good picture but i got this gold box for $2.
I cleaned it up and had the hubs drill a hole in the top for a knob and now it holds all my spools of ribbon.
This was a different trip i got everything for $5
Cute sweater for my little man $1.25
Vintage Animals book .60 cents- Peter Rabbit book .30 cents, for Z's Easter basket next year!
Plate .25 cents lace curtain, that i am going to use a table cloth $1
Vintage sheet $1
Ok i was so excited about these next finds, they are not from the thrift store but i saved some money from something is old on craigslist and used it to buy Easter decorations for next year since i didn't have anything to decorate with this year. Everything was half off at Target and 70-90% off at Khols and i had an extra 20% off at khols too. 
Here's what i got...
Plastic bunny placemats $1 each
Grass .25 cents
Juice conatiner $2.50
Cloth egg placemats $1.50 each
plastic egg tablecloth $2.50
Spring banner $3.50
Easter Basket $4
Wreath $7
Easter Eggs $2.40 each-i plan to hang them from our chandelier.
Well hey there cute boy! He loves the camera!
We have a couple more house projects going on. they involve, shelves, plants and organizing! So i'll be back with more on that next week ;)

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Brittany said...

I got that same gold box while thrifting at the goodwill. I like the idea of putting a knob on top.. hmm so far it holds my random things in the living room


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