Monday, August 22, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Remember when i shared with you my idea for the mirror wall? Then I collected some mirrors and asked for your advice on what color(s) to paint them
Well i finally got around to painting/hanging the mirrors, most people said to paint them black except for the gold and black ones, so that's what i did...
Here is the wall before
the hubs prepping the wall :)
the first few hung..
Now i was planning to put the octagon mirror under the large oval mirror, but see those ugly wall outlets, i just had to cover them up and the octagon mirror covered them perfectly.
now i just need to find two more small mirrors to go under the large oval mirror. 
I'm not thrilled with it but maybe once i'm finished it will grow on me :)
What do y'all think??


Mommy This and That said...

I'm not sure I dig that. Which is surprising because I love that same premise with frames and pictures. Not sure why it's not striking me...

Reenie said...

I'd try taking off the top right square one ....move the top oval one over and center it...and take off the octagone one.


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