Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a little Pantry Organization

I was getting my daily dose of I Heart Organizing today when i saw Jen's post on her kitchen cabinets specifically the pics of her pantry. She inspired me to organize my pantry, a task that was LONG overdue. So here are some of the before pics.
Everything i used to organize i already had in the house. 
And here it is after
Top shelf snacks
Shelf #1
This basket is perfect for grabbing stuff for our lunches!
Shelf #2
 Cans and Utensils (none of our drawers are wide enough to hold our utensils at first we just threw them in a basket but then i needed the basket so we used this mason jar idea...)
 right side
 left side
Shelf 3
Basket-boxes of mac n cheese, pizza crusts, tortellini, etc. 
right side pasta and rice
Shelf #4
Breakfast stuff
Left side unopened cereal, unopened almond milk, oatmeal, and syrup
My adorable lunch box is in the middle and on the right is our opened cereal bags. 

Bottom shelf is serving dishes and trays, kroger bags and sushi supplies! 
There ya go! 

One more before and after
I was on a role tonight and worked on two other projects! I'll post more on those later this week...

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