Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Room Inspiration...

This week our little guy is the size of a lemon!
And last time we went to the Dr. they saw this...
Which we are pretty sure is a tiny penis!
SO if our little lemon turns out to be a HE, which we will confirm mid August, then here is the inspiration for the nursery! 

all inspiration pictures from Pintrest

The Hubs and i took a trip to Utah on our way home from living in Co back in 2009/2010. 
That is where i started with the nursery idea, here are some pics we took.

So there you have it i'm really loving orange, tan, brown, light blue, and possibly a little green. It sounds kinda crazy now but you'll see it will eventually all come together good thing i've got 6 months to work on it!


Allison said...

love your are totally ahead of the game with 6 months to go! His nursery is going to be amazing!

Matthew, Ashley, Jr. Colton and Tinsley Hutson said...

and yes, that does look like a he to me!!!

Jamie, Amanda, and Kids said...

Congrats! I absolutely LOVE southern Utah--especially Zion NP. Love the inspiration; I might have to think that direction for our little lemon too...Thanks for posting!


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