Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Phone dump Tuesday

I know it's supposed to be "Phone dump Friday" but i didn't get to it last Friday so now it's Phone Dump Tuesday.
First off this book is an old Readers Digest. I painted it in chalkboard paint then wrote the lyrics to How he loves us.
last week Z got in his bumbo he wasn't quite sure what to think.
also the bumbo is borrowed from my sis in law who has two girls otherwise i wouldn't buy a purple bumbo for my son :) 

On Saturday Z and I were on our way to a yard sale with a friend and on the way there our car broke down. Wah Wah. But at least we were stuck at starbucks.
Z was such a good sport while we waited for Daddy.
I got all these awesome clothes for Z at old navy for $15 total!
2 pairs of pants
a sweater
and 10 long sleeve shirts!
 Love him
Hanging out with Uncle Mike
 the BEST veggie sandwich i have ever eatin, and it was homemade!
 I've been decorating our back porch with stuff i've had around the house, it's not finished yet but here is the start.
ugh seriously he's the cutest!
i made this for my craft room
  love his sleepy face
 breakfast Jesus and Z
So there's my phone dump hope you enjoyed it!

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