Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Real Life Home Tour: Living Room

Ok so here is our Real Life home tour. Living Room edition. Laundry and all.
If you don't know what the Real Life Home Tour is check out this post.
I did fluff the pillows on the couch by the window. cause my perch is the big couch under the stairs that is a hot mess. i might as well look at a pretty couch if i'm here all day ;)
 Check out the new record crates the hubs made me!
The space under the stairs has a lot of Z's stuff the basket trunk has all his toys and blankets.
The baskets behind the couch have his diapers, blankets, and burp cloths. (sorry it's a little blurry) 
 View from the kitchen.
There ya have it the real life home tour. Nothin special but it's always fun seeing inside someones home. 

O and my sweet boy slept til 10 this morning and took his first official nap today. 2 hours in his crib. I got an email from the babycenter asking "how many naps my baby needs" and "tips on how to get your baby to nap longer" so i figured we would try it out. We don't really have a schedule yet. Z just naps when he is tired wherever he is, which is usually in his car seat since we are busy bees lately. but we didn't have any plans today so i tried the scheduled naps and the tips on the email and i couldn't believe he slept so long. i don't know if we will do it everyday but on the days we stay home it's great!
 I seriously can't get enough of him.

Update: ok guys thanks to my friend Katie at KatieLately i figured out how to do a link party so i'd love for you to link up your living room! The Link party will be open til the end of June so you've got plenty of time to do a little post on your living room! 


Katie G said...

I love it! Do you mind if I do a home tour of our living room on our blog ( and link up to ya'lls??

By the way, I never noticed ya'lls antique-y kerosene lanterns before! I love them. We have kerosene lanterns on our Amish fireplace mantle. And I have to admit, I'm a bit envious of ya'lls deer antler chandy in your living room. Those are our favorites!

I love that you're honest with your living room, laundry and all :)

Katie {katie lately} said...

your house is just so dang cute! and even the "real life" is still super neat! to make a link just go to and create a login, then you can generate the code! pretty cool huh :)

Laina said...

Hey Katie G i just figured out how to do the link party so link up i can't wait to see your living room!
Katie- thanks for showing me how to do that it was so easy i can't believe it! Please link up your living room ;)

Debbie @ My Little Mess said...

I'm glad you were able to figure out how to do a link party. I entered my link! :)

I love your living room! Is is so cute and even with it being 'real' it's still super neat compared to mine...

Laina said...

Haha ok so many of you have mentioned how clean my living room is. please allow me to explain :) we are in the kitchen and living room 95% of the time we are at home so those two rooms are usually pretty tidy. I say tidy cause y'all didn't see the dog hair and dust bunnies in the corner and the spider web in the window. I am much better at picking up clutter than cleaning dirt. So i usually clean up the kitchen and living room before i go to bed at night and i try to do a clean sweep before the hubs gets home. So that' why our living room is pretty tidy. But just wait til i show you pics of my craft room and guest bedroom.... ;)

Katie {katie lately} said...

i think ill take pics tonight and link up :)


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