Monday, May 21, 2012

Antlers For Sale!

Hello there! i mentioned here that i was painting and selling antler. Some of the antlers below are sold but some are still for sale. If you are interested i can do custom colors and ship them for $10-15 depending on where you live and how soon you need it.

Teal, green, pink and gold
For Sale- $25
Gold white grey and blue-Sold
Gold white grey and blue-Sold

Gold white grey and blue-Sold

Teal, gold, and white- Sold
Navy, gold, and white- $25
Teal, gold, and red-Sold
Teal, Gold and Navy-Sold
Gold, teal and pink- $25
If you are interested in one of the antlers above or a custom antler please email me at

We are working on a project on the wall going up the stairs. It's mostly the hubs ideas so i am letting him roll with it and just being his assistant so hopefully we'll be back with pics soon.


Allison said...

Those are so so so neat! What I'm wondering on earth did you find a bunch of antlers for sale?

Laina said...

Hey Allison, thanks, i actually got a bunch of craigslist. i figured if they didn't sell i could decorate our cabin with them ;) btw LOVED your crate you did on the blog, so cute!


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