Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have wanted to have a green thumb for a while now. I read about plants improving the air quality in your home and while terrariums may not count it's still a good excuse to add some green to your decor.
Since i DON'T have a green thumb i needed plants that did not need much attention. All these plants i water once a week which is perfect for me! Hopefully i can keep them alive for a while.

 For the terrariums i already had the soil, the rocks, and the corks all i had to buy was some plants and charcoal it was only $4 for a huge bag and you don't use much charcoal at all maybe a couple teaspoons per plant. The Charcoal soaks up the extra water so your terrarium doesn't get soggy since there are no holes in the bottom of your vase or jar.

So here's the first plant, i found the glass jar at the thrift store for .50 cents and i knew i wanted to use it for a plant.
 so i went to Home Depot and found this gorgeous plant i think it's a chicken and hen.
This one is my favorite!
The plant costs $5 so the total for this plant was $5.50 
 It now lives in the bathroom.

 Next i got this lil beauty for my coffee table. It's called a neon pothos. I got it from Pikes where my bro works he said it was a good beginner indoor plant i think i paid around $5 for this one and i found the pot at my moms house.
 Total cost $5
 Next i got this baby orchid it was also $5 the vase is made out of a $1 store candle stick and vase that i already had.
Another chicken and hen. LOVE these, this plant was $3.50 and i already had the rocks and planter. 
 So the total of this plant was $3.50 
 This next one i got the vase from a sweet friend. She found it at Goodwill. i think it was $1.

 The plants were $1.50 each.  i'm not thrilled with this one. but it was the last one i did and i ran out of plants. i'd like to add some color maybe a yellow cactus. But so far this one has cost me $3. Also i added some moss to this one that my mom had left over from her spring planting. you can add moss to your terrarium but you don't have to i think a large bag of moss is around $5.
(Just realized i didn't dust this vase before i took the pic. Gross)
And this lil guy came in a 4 pack. it was in a vase like the orchid (pictured above) with a snake plant but the hubs hit it and it fell and broke. i seriously wanted to cry but i felt so stupid for crying over a plant. i don't care about most things in my house getting broken but i was just so excited about the plants. Anyway i  three more of the plants below and a snake plant i need to replant.
 So there ya go i spent about $25 total for all the plants and the charcoal. i had everything else left over from other projects. 

Here is a little money saving tip. A lot of the supplies like the charcoal and moss come in large quantities so the best idea is to make these with a few friends and you can share supplies cause it would take you years to use up everything if you bought just for yourself.
And i got most of my pot holders at the thrift store or $1 so check those places first.
Have you done any gardening lately? I'd love to see what you planted this spring!


A-town said...

alaina i want to buy one of these. will you make me one?

Katie {katie lately} said...

so fun!! you are so talented chica :)


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