Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kids Play Kitchen

I hope you guys in the south have been enjoying these snow days! i have been catching up on all my little projects i have wanted to get done. I painted my sewing table and vanity. And I'll post on those later, but i wanted to show you what we made for our niece for Christmas. I have seen these all over blog world but they are all very different. Here is our try at it!  We used some old bedside tables i found at the thrift store. The one on the right was $4 and the one on the left was $10. One is for Mimi's house and one is for the girls house.
Here are the tables before.
First we drilled holes for the sink and faucet.
Then sanded the whole thing down.
Then we painted them, the sides we painted with black board paint.
We attached the sink and faucet with liquid nail. The stove eyes are sour cream and cream cheese lids we spray painted and screwed in. We spray painted the inside of the drawer silver and reattached the doors so they pulled down like an oven.
Here is the finished product. We attached the top of the kitchen (with the knobs and clock) with brackets.
Sorry i didn't take very good pics of the finished product but here are the after pictures.

My Mother in Law (Mimi) helped me make the curtains and aprons. They turned out so cute!

 We found the knobs, fabric and cute flower hook at Hobby Lobby. The sink is a dog bowl from dollar general. The faucet is from Walmart and the paint was an oops color from Walmart as well. We also got some cute cloth food from Ikea.


L.Caroline said...

You are so talented! that is absolutely adorable- and any little girl would be lucky to receive it!

Jackie said...

Very cute!

Sally said...

wow! what an amazing gift to give! such a labor of love! I know she loved it!!!

A-town said...

those are TOO cute! Now you'll have to have a kid to make one for yourself. :)

Ashley said...

Alaina they are awesome!!! Show Susan! She will want one!

Chrissi said...

cute cute cute! i saw these on another blog but they were too big. yours are just right. nice work friend!

The Burfitt's said...

i LOVE it! awesome...and i will probably steal this idea in the future :)


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