Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guest Bath Update

Hey guys, Hope you are working toward all those resolutions we've made. My husband is dragging me i'm about to go to the climbing gym so here goes to working out this year :) i did some updates on our guest bath. My grandmother gave me a shower curtain that she wasn't using anymore. It's brown flowers with blue birds and the birds actually matched my walls perfect. so i changed it up a bit. I also added those shelves above the toilet. They were one of my free projects i just didn't get around to blogging about them :)
I still need to change the fabric in the window. Not sure what i'm gonna change it to yet.
 I finished two of my projects this weekend. Hopefully i'll be back with more pics soon.
Happy Sunday afternoon!!


The Burfitt's said...


A-town said...

I'm going to steal that basket on the floor one day.

Laina said...

k just leave my magazines that are inside, they are my favorite.

L.Caroline said...

I love the color of the bathroom! I wish I was a little more brave with wall colors. Ever since my "John-Deere-green-incident" in my apartment kitchen I am a big scardy cat.

Young and Crafty said...

Such pretty colors! That shower curtain is so pretty!

Thanks for linking up to Free for All!

Hannah @


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