Thursday, January 20, 2011

You drive me Crazy

Hello Lovelies, yes i just broke out old school Brittany. Go ahead and click here to watch the video that you know you were jammin out to in 1999. Go ahead, i'll wait.

 Ok so it has been a while since my last post because it's been a little crazy around here...
I painted my craft room, this is what happened when i moved everything into the middle of the room.
The dishes are overflowing, thanks to the hubs they are not as bad as they were last night (now we can see the counter :)
And we are running low on food... if you look closely you can see that the bottom three drawers are empty. Wa. Wa.
Good thing it's almost the weekend so i can play catch up.

In other news, i received a $10 gift card from World Market, since my birthday is coming up, and they always have those buy $30 get $10 off, if your a World Market Explorer. I had the bright idea to combine my coupons, so i set out to find $30 worth of goodies.
(after coupons of course.)
Here's what i found...
All their Christmas stuff was 90% off.
Here's the breakdown (all prices with discount)
Glass Vase= $1.69
Champagne Ornaments (8)= $1.72
Large Green Ornaments (5)= $1.80
2 White knobs=$2
2 Turquoise knobs= $3.22
 2 Blue and White Knobs= $2.40
Red & Green Votives .16 cents for each pack of four!

My Total was around $15
On the bottom of my receipt it said i saved $113.43!

I am collecting knobs for this dresser that i am refinishing I am going to chang out all the knobs, keeping the drawers wood and painting the rest of her white. 
Well i'm off to tend to the mess that is overtaking my home. Have a wonderful weekend!
You're still watching Brittany aren't you? Me too :) 
P.S. i just remembered Melissa Joan Hart was in the video...crazy


A-town said...

girl you need to clean that mess up!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

your deals make me insanely envious. i have to remind myself not to covet haha

Laina said...

Allison i know would you PLEASE come help me! And Sheila you crack me up don't be jealous check out your World Market i'm sure they have stuff left!


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