Friday, July 16, 2010

Lamp Makeover

Here is my lamp before and after!


I used:
~Valspar primer spray paint
~Valspar Satin finish spray paint (i can't remember the name of the color right now but i will update it later) It is like a cream color
~making tape to tape off the switch and the cord so i didn't paint them
~Brillo pad

1. First i rubbed down the lamp with the brillo pad so the paint would stick.
2. i painted a light coat of primer.

3. I sprayed a light coat of the satin finish.


I bought a new shade at Walmart for $14
I would like to add some trim but well see once i get my funds back up :)

So here is the breakdown:
Lamp- $2
Paint- $8
Brillo pad- already had (dollar store)
Masking tape: already had
lamp shade $14
Total $24!

Pretty good considering the ones i was looking at were $40-$60 at Homegoods!

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