Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

So this weekend while home with the family, husband, my father-in-law and i went to some garage sales. Seriously this is my favorite thing to do! Here is what i found.
I have been looking for one of these old crates for a while. I saw one at pottery barn, of course it was a remake, but it was $24. This one was priced at $10 but i talked him down to $6.
Next i found this old lantern for $5.  I have a theme of lanterns going on in our log cabin, but this is my first old one and i love it! 

I rearranged our little wine shelf thingy and added my new stuff!

I also got this shelf for $4 i'm going to get a little craft crazy on it and hang it over the toilet in the bathroom. 

I got these frames for .50 cents each. The big one i'm gonna turn into a chalk board for our kitchen and the little one i'm going to paint black for our family picture wall in the guest room. 

I got this coca cola crate for $7 and used it to corral all of our stuff on our coffee table. 
I also got a few old jars, one a lady just gave me and the other is a blue mason jar i got for $1. They are both sitting in the sink waiting for me to wash them cause they were SOOO dirty, i think there were insect nests or whatever in them. Anyway hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

1 comment:

l.caroline said...

Looooooove the crates. I also saw them at pottery barn and turned my nose up at the ridiculous price!


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