Thursday, March 14, 2013

We now have a playroom.

You know your a Mom when you are so excited to turn your craft room into a playroom. Well it's not all for the kid it also keeps me sane cause i can shut the door (it's cut in half so i can see him from the top half of the door) and let him play. Which is so nice especially when he doesn't take a nap and i need a break. don't judge.

 We have done so much to the house since i last posted, new fireplace, new bookshelves, lots of kitchen updates and of course i have rearranged everything in order to baby proof this place.  So i am going to try to gradually catch you up.

The craft room which then became a craft/guest room in this reveal, has now become the playroom. Where is all my craft stuff you ask? Well, I got rid of A LOT of craft stuff so that i could fit everything in the little nook under the stairs and i store most of my craft stuff in a big armour in the guest room.  I took these pictures with my iphone so they are not the best quality but who has time to use their "real" camera then load the pictures, etc, etc, etc. ain't nobody got time for that.
You are probably gagging at how clean it is. Well the truth is i am a little OCD in the fact that i clean it every night so it is ready for him to tear up in the morning. He doesn't really "play" he just pull everything out and then i put it back and then he pulls it out again, so i spend a so the cleaning this happens multiple times during the day. But his toys don't have lots of little pieces so it takes me all of 3 mins to clean. score
Here are some pics of the playroom once he's been in there playing for a bit.
I had to sneak those pics so he didn't see me and start screaming :/

 When Z man wakes up in the morning i go in his room and flick on his overhead light. He doesn't have any windows in his room so this is a bright shock to his lil eyes, but i just love his morning face when he can't quite open his eyes. This morning i took some pics.
this one is my fav 
I just realized i never showed you pictures of Zion's nursery and of course it has changed since i first decorated but i will get some pics up of that soon too. Cause you know i've got plans to change it up a bit already. Don't tell the hubs.


Amanda said...

I looove the play room! It looks so imaginative! I am currently getting rid of a ton of my craft stuff since my craft room will either become a girl's nursery or a play room for the boys. I am inspired to get it tackled! What a cute room! :)

Chrissi said...

Looks great, friend! You've got great decorating skills :) and of course Zi is totally adorable!

Steph said...

All the wood paneling in the house is gorgeous! Love the playroom and the groggy baby photos :) too cute!


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