Thursday, June 13, 2013

Worst blogger EVER.

I am horrible at this blogging ting lately.... my appologies. 
but in my defense
In the past 5 weeks we have been home two of them.
we went to the beach
then we were home for a week.

Then the hubs went to Haiti on a mission trip so i went home cause there ain't no way i'm stayin in this house alone for a week. or a night.

then we were home a week

 Then the hubs had work back home building an awesome deck and farmhouse table for his sis and her family,so i of course went with him. 
the deck.
The farmhouse table
He's stinkin talented. He is gonna be selling these tables so if you want one let me know!

In the meantime we found out that we are having another sweet little boy!
So of course i'm already redecorating the nursery
It's my favorite thing to do.

Zi has been doing a lot of new things lately too
He feeds himself with a spoon, kinda
He got his first goose egg, and popsicle 
he's sitting on the counter on his own
and making this new face. it's his "are you CRAZY??" face

Thanks for stickin with me! hopefully i'll post again soon. 

1 comment:

Chrissi said...

I'm a bad blogger too.. it's the season of life we're in. I love your blog though, so blog when you can :)


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