Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 2


Just ate dinner and finished day 2 about an hour ago. Can't tell if i'm tired and sore from tonight or yesterday! Day 2 was all plyometrics and we didn't stop moving for the entire 54 minutes. We were jumping, spinning, frog walking, squats, lungesand more for 54 minutes straight. I know i'm saying 54 minutes a lot but 54 minutes is a long time! I had to pause the video a few times to take a break because crazy tony didn't break enough for me! but he said that was ok.
We haven't been following the nutrition plan for every meal, because one we can't afford that and we already eat pretty healthy. Well, besides chocolate. I cleaned out my drawer of goodies at work today. Except i kept the delicious dark chocolate candies that Cindy gave me but i have limited myself to one a day. Which surprisingly is a huge cutback!!
Anyway that's all i have tonight. I will be dying tomorrow, good thing i can sleep in!

Tony Quote: "Hit the pause button, or NOT!!" (um i definitely hit the pause button )
Here are a few photos from our exhausting night!

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