Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 1- Nice to meet you Tony

So we got home from the climbing gym last night and i wanted to see what this whole P90X thing was about so i put the first disc in and began to watch.

I decided to just do day 1 workout. Hello Tony. Tony is the video instructor, kinda cheesy but seriously this man is a machine! First we did stretching which felt awesome and i thought, "man if this is the whole video i can definatly do this!" Little did i know that was just the first 5 bummer....

Then he started the back and chest workout, first we did pushups, which i can literally only do 2 at this point... then moved to pull ups then back to push ups then some exercises with weights...there is not a specific number that you have to do you just do as many as you can.

So this back and forth nonsense went on for about 45 mins. And surprisingly i didn't quit. Now if any of you have been to the gym with me, well let me rephrase that, if any of you have brought me to the gym with YOU, you understand my gym workout... i'm that girl at the gym that brings a snack and encourages my friends cause they are so good at working out and it's just too hard for me...

So i completed day 1! When i workout i usually do not feel sore until a few days i am sooooo sore! and i slept like a rock last night! So if anything, this video is a wonderful sleep aid. As much as it hurts i would much rather be sore after a workout than feel like i didn't do enough.

So there it is day 1...tonight we being day 2 and take our before pics..(which i will not post because i think they are awkward)

Tony quote: (as he is doing push-ups) "I'm takin a vacation, o that vacation is over!"

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Chrissi said...

Cute blog Alaina!! ...looking forward to 'following' you ;) Love, Chrissi


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