Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life Update

It's been crazy around here! but no worries i'm back :) I hope you check out Joon and Meredith's blog last week where I aired my big coffee table renovation and my pallet shelf! Anyway on to some house updates and thrifty finds..
I found this metal table at the thrift store for $2.50 i knew it would be perfect for my porch, i'll do a before and after post later.
 I got this lovely mirror at a yard sale for $5 

This mirror is so incredible because not even two days prior to finding it i saw the door below at a restaurant back home and said to my mother "i want to paint a piece of furniture like that."
(Sorry for the sideways photo)
How crazy is that!!
And it is perfect for my entryway!
I also got this bike basket at a yard sale.
I made over this lamp,
 it used to look like this...
 then this...
 and for a split second it looked like this...
I covered the shade with linen and tacked the brown ribbon it so i may end up changing it a little. 
I also scored this vintage tile for .50 cents.
and i got all of these embroidery hoops for $3! I have been looking for wood ones for a while so when i saw these i scooped them all up.

Maybe one day i'll be able to do something like this...
 or this...
or this...
I got this mirrored tray for $2 i spray painted it with Krylon's Caramel Latte to keep it's antique look.
it's perfect in our bathroom.
This past weekend was the hubs and i's first free weekend in a while so we decided to reno our master closet. it's not finished yet, we are still waiting on the closet system, but we re carpeted, repainted put up some new trim and took down some drywall. i'll do a longer post on the closet when it's finished.
I also thought i'd do a WIWW post.
And last but not least, A few weeks ago i mentioned about the tornado's that hit down in the southeast. Well we help do some relief work and of course while we were dragging huge limbs to the burn pile i was keeping an eye out for some household items :) i found way more than i could take home but this is a little stump i found, it's teeny tiny, and i carved the hubs and i's initials in it for a personal touch. 
Well there you go, that's why i've been MIA for a while, but i'll be back with a closet makeover soon!


A-town said...

can't wait for the closet and I love those needle point hoop things

Southern Sassafras said...

Probably going to steal the stump idea! So cute!

Chrissi said...

i love everything you have in this post! the lamp looks great & i am now dying to have my ceiling covered with embroidery hoops like that! so cute! have a great day, and ps, you look great :)

marygrace said...

You have the best ideas! I LOVE that stump carving idea .. I may copy that! And I am so jealous of the deal you got on that mirrored tray. It's so pretty!


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