Monday, June 11, 2012

Real Life Home Tour: Guest Room

Ok so here is my real life guest room tour. And when i say real life i mean it... goodwill bags, baby toys, craft projects and all....
We are expecting a guest on Thursday night so hopefully it will be more presentable by then. But here's how it looks right now.

 If you follow me on instagram you know the hubs built a desk in our guest room for him right now but down the road when Z is older it will be his desk. We are still working on some paper storage and a memo board for above the desk. 

The screen door with all the pics on it below used to hang over the new desk horizontally so we moved it and i still need to change all the pictures around.

There you have it our mess of a guest room! Please link up your guest room i'd love to see it and you can still link up your living room by clicking here.


Katie G said...

I love it! I love the greens in there, and we have the same armoire, but it's in our garage for now (we have zero space to put it, so it's extra storage in the garage). And the built in desk is such a great added feature! Love it all!

And we have a pack-n-play and bouncer in our office too...but we have yet to have babies yet. We just like to plan ahead, lol.

Amanda said...

I love the beds! So cool! It was nice meeting you today at Le Leche. Zion is adorable. I would link up our guest room, but it looks like a storage room right now. It was my craft room/workout room/guest room before the baby came, but now it is the catch all. I need to work on it! :)

Allison said...

I really love those curtains, super cute!

Laina said...

Katie- i LOVE that armoire it's huge and since we don't have any extra closets, besides the bedrooms, in the house it store all our linens and games!
Amanda- Thanks, those beds were the first thing we, well my husband, did in our house. We saw the idea at a lake house we had been to on vacation and knew we wanted to do it in our house one day.
it was so nice to meet you at LLL! August is so sweet! i love your blog and have been making my way through the posts!! hopefully i'll see you next month??
Allison-Those curtains i got from Walmart for $5. It was one of those sales where they sold the entire spool for $5. And it was just enough for me to cut it down the middle for curtains! I didn't sew them or anything just clipped them up! Your kitchen is looking awesome! i love all your little touches so cute!


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