Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life Update with a baby...

It has been a long time since i have done a post on the house, cause i've been a little distracted with this guy...
He takes up most of my time now but i have had a couple free seconds to do some projects around the house.

I found this bike wheel in the shed, the hubs said it was broken so of course i asked if i could decorate with it. I went on pintrest and found...

But i'm having trouble finding a clock kit to fit it. So if anyone has any ideas of how i can make it please let me know!

We have a garden again this year and the hubs made these labels for it.
O hey there Handsome! 
When we were home last weekend grandpa had some balloons and Z LOVED them!! he held them all day :)
Check out these adorable cloth diapers! If Z were a she i'd buy them :)
 Well hello again.

I am also working on a G like the picture below.


I was talking to the hubs the other night and told him that if we ever move we should just sell everything in the house. Then i started thinking if there is stuff i am willing to sell when we move why not sell it now. So i have been getting rid of lots of goodies-well i'm saving them for our yard sale in a few weeks. 
Here is the before pic of the dresser
here is the "during" im still working on the art for the chalkboards.
Geez your cute!
dresser again 
im working on a couple more chalkboard projects so ill be back soon!


Debbie @ My Little Mess said...

Z is such a little cutie! I live how you 'snuck' pictures of him in :)

L.Caroline said...

Love pictures of Z! So precious!


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