Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My little man is one week old!

This morning at 7:50am my son turned 1 week old. i don't even know how that happened so fast. This week has flown by which makes me so nervous for the next few years!  

Zion Riley was born on Tuesday, January 31, 2012.
He was 6 lbs 13oz
19 and a half inches long 
and perfect.
I will be back with my birth story one of these days.


Shanna said...

Congratulations! I have been stalking your blog everyday for the past two weeks wondering when this little bundle would get here. He is adorable, what big eyes he has. ;)
Not really a stalker, just love your blog and glad that you and baby are doing well.

Debbie @ My Little Mess said...

Congratulations!! He is such a little cutie!

Chrissi said...

congratulations friend....wishing you guys all the love and happiness in the world with little zion!! xo

MommaMindy said...

wow, he is perfect! what an adorable little man-cub.

no need to recycle anything about that little one....except an occasional diaper I expect...


Katie {katie lately} said...

so happy for you..Zach loves looking at the pictures too! Crazy we all grow up so fast.

Emom said...

Sweet!.....get some sleep....smiles

Mae said...

He is really adorable.
I've been meaning to write you back on the e-mail but things have been spinning extra fast in my life for a while.
just jumped in to send some love for the little one.

Take care and enjoy happiness of being a mother.

/Maria in Sweden

JoAnna of re-U creating new spaces said...

Congrats! He is so beautiful! Enjoy!!!

Laina said...

Thanks for all your sweet messages!! We are just getting settled in, trying to figure out this breast feeding thing and recovering over here! i'll be back with a birth story eventually :)


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